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Our Wines

We have inherited a love and profound respect for our terroir, which we sustain in everything we do. With extreme dedication we take part in the process of our wines. We harvest our grapes by hand in our own vineyards and transport them in 20 kg boxes with the utmost care. A double selection process and the use of gravity maintain their maximum purity.

We leave our wines to rest in American and French oak barrels, selected for their quality and origin.

Proud representatives of the essence of Cafayate, we make our high altitude wines, El Porvenir, Laborum and Amauta, with roots in the future of Cafayate.


El Porvenir, our family icon

Inspired by the future generations who will in time take our place, we conceived this wine. This family Icon wine, expresses in a very pure and noble way our goal to bring Cafayate to a higher place.


Laborum Single Vineyard, the expression of Cafayate in our vineyards

Laborum, meaning from our work, is the result of our labor and care in the vineyards and the delicate work in the cellar. Our goal is that our vineyards express themselves in our wines with a sense of place.


Small Fermentations

Small fermentations, the search for different wines, which may have another account of our region. We are driven by the desire to innovate, learning and exploring our limits while showing the full potential of Cafayate.


Laborum De Parcela, an honest outcome of a specific block in our vineyards

These wines represent a unique block or group of plants located in our vineyards that stands out from the rest. They show singularity and a unique expression of Cafayate.


Amauta, the wisdom to understand what natures provides

The Amauta, for the indigenous comunities, was the great teacher, the wise man. Respected for this knowledge of humankind, and of the universe, it was he who taught to live. These wines show that with a humble vision and wisdom it is possible to understand what nature provides.


The first extra virgin olive oil from Cafayate

Extra Virgin Olive Oils are made only with olives extracted directly from the olive tree at the time of veraison and are processed only by mechanical or physical means.

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