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Nestled between steep slopes and high mountain cliffs, the “Altos los Cuises” vines are clung to soils with history, rocks, sand and our special care.


Its singularity can be understood through the wine that reflects the terraces, the unique microclimate of the mountain stream and a sustainable cultivation management of gobelet system, used to protect and enhance the delicacy of our grapes.


Due to the extreme slope of the land, the vines are planted in an ancestral system of terraces in natural irrigation by gravity avoiding soil erosion.


order to favor a The conduction is a high-density gobelet system (1m x 1m) which provides a particular care and allows an entrance of a diffuse light above the grapes, which generate fine and delicate skins, with soft and refined tannins.


Immersed in an intimate environment of diverse vegetation, among palm trees, fig trees, white carob trees and a beautiful jacaranda tree, the grapes that we obtain from this vineyard have a character of wild herbs that are reflected in a unique wine, like the place where it comes from.


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